Thursday, March 01, 2007

Only in Italy.... Or maybe not!

So it would appear the Italian disease is not only Italian after all. The Seville coach was knocked unconscious by a bottle during a derby game last night. One can only presume the blanket coverage given to incidents in Italy will be duplicated for La Liga.

Games behind closed doors, clubs forced to play at neutral venues and a suspension of fixtures are sure to ensue. Or is that only in Italy? Probably.

On the field of play, a dodgy penalty wasn't enough to get Milan three points on Wednesday. Inter finally were held to a draw, by UDINESE! The only top team to make progress were Lazio who now must harbour serious hopes of catching Palermo in third spot. Intriguing times.


TrentToffee said...

My guess is that very little will happen. After all this is a country where it's okay for your national coach to call an opponent a "black sh*t" - as long as it's said in jest (is that even remotely funny ?). Even then the paltry fine is over-turned on appeal.

Some interesting results. The pick of them (for me) where at Empoli and Sampdoria (what with half of their team missing). Lucky Fiorentina :oD

"one train in Wales... there's only one train in Wales..."

Spangly Princess said...

the end of the Inter advance was OH SO WONDERFUL I have to say

now if only we can pull out of our mini-slump in time to win in France next week...

BRN SCOZIA said...

And remember of course there has been terrible racist chants at Motherwell this week! Maybe we should just shut the ground and ban home fans after such disgraceful actions?
Of course such actions are pathetic but if it happened in Italy more would be made of it. It just shows that not all is as well as it seems at home?

patcook said...

I agree that Italy does get treated harshly by foriegners but lets not use it as justification, Italy has a problem and Italy must deal with it, just like every other country, not continually stand back and make excuses when things go horribly wrong

ginkers said...

I think we all agree Italy has a problem but, having seen flares fired from one set of fans into another in France at the weekend, I don't think we are alone.