Thursday, March 29, 2007

Grazie Luca!

Well the nerves were unnecessary as Italy completed a competent win over Scotland on Wednesday night. I thought it was a pretty comfortable victory - one save for Buffon - and if Di Natale had been a bit sharper it could have been more emphatic. As it was, the great hitman Luca Toni did the job. And what a vital win it was given the way the group is shaping up.

The defence was almost impossible to judge as it was rarely put under pressure but the wide men Zambrotta and Oddo were immense. Both got forward in style, both delivered fine crosses. I thought the De Rossi - Gattuso tandem was impressive and allowed Perrotta the freedom to push forward. De Rossi, in particular, bossed the midfield with a great deal of composure.

Di Natale did fine although he should have scored at least one goal. While Camoranesi was his usual frustrating self mixing brilliance with blunder. Of the subs coming on, Del Piero seemed intent on showing off his dribbling skills, Pirlo slowed things down nicely and Quagliarella really did not have time to be judged. Now, off to the Faroes to leapfrog up the table.


martinobhoy said...

Aye, well played to you old boy. A thoroughly deserved victory.

If only we had 1. a striker like Luca Toni and 2. a midfield capable of getting the ball to him.

Brian said...

I'd just setlle for a striker like Toni ........... You are world champions and last night showed why, god help the rest of us if that is you "not playing well" as some of our media have been putting it!

ginkers said...

It was one of our best performances since the World Cup and Toni is a class act. The group situation gives a bit of hope to everyone however. Italy have games against the Faroes and Lithuania coming up and must get full points to get things back on track.

Venezian said...

Next four games are vital for Italia. 10-12 points out of those and we will qualify I think.

TrentToffee said...

I'm pleased for Donadoni, it should shut the Italian press up for 10 mins at least. As an aside, it appears to me that over the next season or so Fiorentina will have the pick of the strikers in Serie 'A'. With Toni (if you can keep him), Pazzini, and Lupoli (to come) in the line up Milan, Juve, and Roma must be looking on with envy.

Spangly Princess said...

De Rossi & Rino are a great combination (though De Rossi, when he plays well, is just brillinat even without someone like Gattuso alongside. sorry sorry I can't help myself.)

Nice to see Toni return to form in Azzurro, he was disappointing at the mondiali, and a player of his stature (pun not really intended) is vital for us. I enjoyed that!

Anonymous said...

Di Natale was a joke and should be banished from the Azzurri for life for those 2 misses, especially the one-on-one which he only had to dink over the keeper. In Serie A he would have done it with his eyes closed but with a blue shirt on he obviously shat himself. Del Piero showed more class in 10 minutes than Di Natale in 80, and would have scored both on his current form. I've always been baffled as to why he has never been given the credit he deserves with the Azzurri (and Baggio before him, and Giannini before Baggio...).

But an excellent performance overall so I'm happy.
- Aussie Romanista

Red said...

We missed the second half of the game, but really enjoyed what we did see.

We thought about you, actually, with * saying that you would be torn, not knowing who to support. I had no doubt that you would want Italy to win!

* (asterisk) said...

Didn't you love the way the commentators kept referring to "duh Natalie"? Classic!

BRN SCOZIA said...

Yes big Toni is a fine player but does he not fall done rather easily and all to dramatically?

ginkers said...


That's a tough target but one which we should be able to reach.


I have said it before that getting the best young players is the only way for the Viola to compete with the big guns.


De Rossi is in great form at the moment. And Toni is heading the right way.


I think you are a bit harsh on Di Natale. Give him some more chances, although after his wonder goal at the weekend maybe Quagliarella is a better bet. If Del P can stop showboating he is still a great player!


There were no divided loyalties, although I would like both teams to get through.


It bugged me all week in the build up that they couldn't pronounce San Nicola correctly. It's not that hard. Not since Nicola Berti was in the Nazionale have I been so irritated.


I think that was overplayed, I don't think he fell over any more than Kenny Miller. Like Totti, Ibrahimovic or any other great forward, he is singled out for a lot of kicking.

Scott said...

I just wish we had a player with half the ability of De Rossi...

BRN SCOZIA said...

I do agree a lot was made of Toni falling over-thats the BBC for you.Are there any decent broadcasters working for them left?Kenny Miller-I dont think we can compare him and Toni.