Monday, March 12, 2007

Guidolin loses it

My weekend viewing was spoiled immensely by the antics of Palermo boss Francesco Guidolin during their home tie with Fiorentina. Adrian Mutu scored a cracking goal against his team after Roberto Guana fell to the ground injured. This was bound to happen with the new directive to players only to stop when the referee halts play. Maybe Mutu was a bit sneaky, we'll never know, but equally none of the Palermo players stopped playing.

However, Mr Guidolin went bonkers. He was eventually sent off and continued his tirade against Cesare Prandelli and most of the Fiorentina players. Apparently they should have let Palermo equalise, in his opinion. In truth, the Viola did take their foot off the gas anyway and the Sicilians did draw. But their manager's antics left a bitter taste. I have always liked him in the past but, this time around, he got it badly wrong. Especially when his own team has been guilty of such actions in the past...


Martha said...

Oh, and it gets better -- just wait til you run into Zamparini's racist contribution. The whole place is bloody well melting down.

Pat said...

hey ginkers im waiting for your opinion on fiorentina - roma re. sending off, both teams performance and fiorentina's chances of making the 4 and hence holding onto Luca.

I haven't looked over the draw in detail but I think it might be Lazio and Milan or Lazio and Palermo who take 3rd and 4th