Friday, March 09, 2007

Derby weekend

Here is a bizarre thought which struck me at lunchtime. Has there ever been a Milan derby which meant so little as the one which will be played this weekend? Certainly I can't think of one where the points gap has been so huge in Inter's favour. I doubt even the great team of the 1960s ever had this kind of advantage.

Coincidentally, it is also derby weekend in Scotland with similarly little at stake. I know no Old Firm game is ever unimportant but after the downfall in Milan it is hard to see how Celtic could get "up" for this game. Still, no doubt they will manage it.

On another note, the Champs league draw has thrown up two intriguing ties for the Italian sides left. Milan must once again lock horns with Bayern Munich. The Rossoneri are more than capable of getting through but they must start to get more goalscoring out of their team.

The other tie is even more appetising from my point of view. Roma take on Manchester United in another game they will be considered as underdogs. Long may it continue - right the way to the final! I am even thinking of going down to Old Trafford. Of course, if you listen to Sky Sports an all-English final is a virtual formality. Mind you, wasn't that the case last year, and the year before, and the year before...


TrentToffee said...

Aye, a great w/e of derby action ahead. I fancy that Milan/Inter and Celtic/Rangers will manage to lift themselves for all out war :o)

As for the CL. I'm with you in that Roma/Man Utd is the pick of the ties, and, if I were Spalletti I'd be feeling pretty chuffed with the draw. IMHO Man Utd are there for the taking. They've not been very impressive in qualifying. Larson has left, their other strikers are either mis-firing or crocked, and their mid-field is pretty ordinary (with exception to Ronaldo of course). I fancy Roma to win this one. If I'm *lucky* I might get to be at Old Trafford myself.

Milan, on the other hand, have the harder task. Pirlo, Gilardino, and Inzaghi need to start playing a bit for them to advance.

As for Sky, does anyone take what the pundits say seriously ? At least Sky have Gullit. If you want *really* bad punditry check out the BBC. Boy do they stink...

Spangly Princess said...

I'm not too displeased, and definitley hopeing to make it to OT. in fact, I'm pretty excited, underdogs though we remain.

Bayern-Milan is pretty juicy too.

martinobhoy said...

Is it my imagination or have they put all the sides worth watching in one half of the draw and all the dull teams in the other half?


So whats the dull half and whats the exciting half then?

martinobhoy said...

As this is an Italian football blog I'd better say the half with the two Italian teams in it.

patcook said...

Im going to say that after recent preformances Milan have no chance of making it past Bayern except on penalties or maybe an away goal. and Roma will struggle like hell against Man U. I hate Man U but they are having that kind of season that even when they play poorly they get the result they want 99% of the time. Im not banking on the Italians to win this year. I reckon maybe Bayern will win to cover the fact they wont win the league and maybe Valencia to return the cup to Italy.

Also its almost time for ppl, especially Milan officials, to realise pippo inzaghi has nothing left to offer and Gilardino is not up to standard. And playing with one striker isn't going to win you enough games. Ancelotti keeps managing to slip away every time the axe comes looking for his head but surely he wont make it past this season without making fourth which now looks highly unlikely.

Anonymous said...

Bloody brilliant that we've got Man Utd. This is what it's all about. Nobody rates us and every team except Milan wanted to be drawn with us. If we lose I'm sure it will be close and the ragazzi will play their hearts out. But if we win I will shove it up every pom in Australia with their Man Utd bumper stickers, scarves on their dash-boards... they make me sick. FORZA MAGICA ROMA PER SEMPRE!
- Aussie Romanista

ginkers said...


I think the play in both derbies was not the level it has been in times gone by but they were still gripping spectacles. I hope you are right about Man Utd.


I will be 100% Giallorosso for these ties!


You know that the Tallies are the best!


Don't be so pessimistic, even dodgy Real Madrid pushed Bayern hard.


I like your style, please identify yourself at once - I think you might be a long lost relative of mine judging by your attitude!

Anonymous said...

You'll recognise me as your Calcio Italia reader from down under.
Giallorosso & Azzurro all the way.
- Aussie Romanista

Anonymous said...

You're not Calabrese are you?
There's a very funny Australian-Calabrese comedian here called Joe Avati, who does a hilarious impression of a Scottish Calabrese accent.
He takes the piss out of Italians in Australia, and no doubt you'd have grown up with similar experiences over there.
Very funny stuff. I could send you a CD if you like.
- Aussie Romanista

ginkers said...

Sounds good although I am a Tuscan not a Calabrese. I will seek out this man's work.