Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Gila ties with Del P

Good to see this is a patriotic blog. Gilardino ties with Del Piero in my survey on who is Serie A's top striker. None of this Amauri or Pato nonsense.

A propos of Amauri, quite glad to see him pick Brazil in the end. I know he is a strong player but if his heart is with the Verdeoro I for one don't want to see him in the blue of Italy. Now we have to prove he made the wrong choice at the Emirates next week.

Finally, David Beckham. He's proved me wrong so far, much better than Ronaldinho. He gives Milan something they have been missing - shape. He seems to find acres of space to deliver the crosses we all know he can produce. No wonder he doesn't want to go back to the Galaxy...

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