Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Boring, boring Inter

Is it just me or has Jose Mourinho succeeded in making Inter really boring? I suppose that is always a criticism of winning teams but some have done it in more style than others. Sunday night's Milan derby victory was another example of the result being much better than the performance.

I am sure he does not care - nor did the Interisti celebrating at the end of the game. But I can't help feeling this is short-sighted. With Man Utd on the horizon it surely won't be enough to pack the team full of hard-working, physical players plus Ibrahimovic for a slice of magic.

I hope I am wrong but I have been less than enthused by the boys in black and blue of late. We shall see what happens come next week.


patcook said...

I guess inter have to play boring since Mourinho doesn't really have the squad he wants. Not that mourinhos perfect squad would probably be any more interesting.

But you do have to acknowledge that they were in poor form and still managed to grind out some wins.

ginkers said...

True, they get results but they looked well short of top notch against Man Utd.