Monday, January 12, 2009

Beckham watch - Part One

I have never been a big Becks fan but he did a bit of work to address that issue last night. I thought he played a decent game for Milan against Roma. And, more to the point, he lasted 88 minutes (more than Ronaldinho).

There was nothing flashy about what he did and he showed his usual limits but, just the same, he did not look out of place. He put in some good crosses - as you would expect - and also showed some good positional sense.

Yes, he was outshone by Pato's wondergoal - but who would not have been? I am still dubious about his value to Milan but, on this game anyway, he was not the waste of space some might have suspected...


patcook said...

Beckham is guy you love to hate as a football purist because his become such a symbol for the commercialisation of our sport. Its easy to forget he has a fair bit of talent. I think, if he was to stay at milan past his current loan spell, he could take a lot of the workload of pirlo. Move Becks from the right to the centre of midfield (where his often said he enjoys playing more) and the crosses could easily be change into pirlo like long passes and through balls. He is as good a deadball specialist as Pirlo and is defensively just as strong, just a more english style of defense.

Ofcourse, his value to milan atm is simply commercial and every minute he spends on the pitch will only boost shirt sales

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