Thursday, January 15, 2009

Midwinter madness

It used to be the summer that was filled with these crazy transfers stories but now we get them in the middle of winter too. God bless the January transfer window for the following...

Kaka to Manchester City - For all that is good in the game, and even what is not, don't let this happen. I know money talks, but surely not that loudly. This is Milan, glorious, legendary Milan. And they are Manchester City.

Kris Boyd to Lazio - This must be made up. Unless they are looking for something less mobile than the Colosseum in Rome.

Ah, the joys...


Antonio Gurrado said...

Yes but at least they're better than "Bird-in-hand-shitty", just to remember one of your best jokes.


patcook said...

lol, cant blame milan for being tempted though. you could almost buy the brazil u19 national starting XI for the sort of money their being offered

and i would be suprised if they tried to

patcook said...

*wouldnt be suprised

Aussie Romanista said...

Well Milan have already brought in another Brazilian, but at least it's a defender and he's young.

Disgraceful if Kaka goes, especially after he and Berlusconi both said he will be staying with Milan, and he has said that he wants Milan for life and to be like Maldini.

GR, you must be devastated at losing Pazzo. I can't believe they would trade him for Bonazzoli. There's no comparison between the two. What is Prandelli thinking??

ginkers said...


I had forgotten that one, it was rather good. And I suppose Manchester is a bit better.


I must admit I would be tempted to take the money and run.


It would be odd to see him go after all the protests to the contrary but that's politics and football, I guess.

And, yes, I loved the Pazzo and was very sorry to hear he had gone. It makes sense for him - he could form a great partnership with Cassano - but it is a shame for the Viola. I think he never got over Gilardino being signed in the summer and going straight ahead of him into the team. My only hope is Prandelli can conjure up some magic with Bonazzoli...

TrentToffee said...

A piece of advice to the AC milan board. Take the money. *TAKE THE MONEY* and say "thank you, you Arab mug. Now go and explain to your fellow Abu Dabians what your values are".


patcook said...

well, kakas apparently staying and while im am happy, its not the kind of jubilation i had when madrid and chelseas approaches were knocked back.

I think if you were ever going to sell your key player now was the right time considering the cash involved and the clubs need to re-tool.

Hopefully we can win something big this season or next with kaka to justify keeping him.