Sunday, December 21, 2008

Italy v England - Part I

I have a feeling I may write about this a few times but, just the same, for an Italian Scot the Champions League draw was mind blowing. I knew there was a good chance of Serie A going head to head with the Premiership in at least a couple of ties. But all three? It is a truly awesome prospect.

Certainly, it will answer a lot of questions. Last season there was plenty of crowing about how well the English performed - justifiably so. However, now our boys have a chance to hit back in style. A 3-0 triumph would be too much to hope for, would it?

The pick of the ties is Inter v Man Utd. Italy's undisputed best team for the last few years against Europe's reigning champions. At least the Nerazzurri have Mourinho's supposed hoodoo over Sir Alex on their side. However, having watching Inter in action against Siena, I struggle to hold out that much hope. Still, if anyone from Italy was going to knock out Ronaldo and company it would surely be the Special Uan...

There is plenty of intrigue to the Juve v Chelsea clash. Of course, Claudio Ranieri goes back to the club that ditched him because he could not win enough. How sweet it would be if he could rub their noses in it? I don't know if the Bianconeri are ready for the challenge but they showed against Real they are no pushovers.

Finally, Roma take on Arsenal in a match it is hard to know what to expect from. Which team will show up for either side. In their pomp both teams are irresistible. Unfortunately, they don't always turn up in the best fettle. I liked the fact that the pundits seemed to think Roma were the easiest of the Italian sides to draw. That can only play in their favour.

Forza Serie A!


TrentToffee said...

Right on the money chap. As you say there are so many intriguing match ups. Mourinho with the "indian sign" over Ferguson. Ranieri returning to Chelski.

I think Chelsea and Arsenal are there for the taking, especially Arsenal. Man Utd will probably prove a little too strong for Inter.

ginkers said...

I reckon you could be right. Happy to settle for two out of three - although a treble would be something special.

patcook said...

man u wont have vidic for the first leg.

I think its also interesting that the match ups were pretty even. Man u v inter - both first in domestic comps last yr, chelsea v juve, 2nd and 3rd and arsenal and roma have both struggled this yr

ginkers said...

Good news, if you are being cruel, that Fabregas is out for Arsenal. I think they are the weakest of the English contingent anyway. And if Abramovich keeps needing the Kremlin to bail him out and Liverpool stay in their strange financial waters a nice collapse could be round the corner for that pair too!

patcook said...

fabregas hasnt been so fantastic this year, but its good he wont be there to hit form against Roma

Aussie Romanista said...

Here's hoping for a 2-0 victory to the ITALIAN teams, and that the other team that plays in Serie A get thumped by Man Utd!

I hope that Fabregas is a bigger loss for them than Totti is for us. I think we have the players to do it, it's just a case of believing it. I can't wait!