Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Big week in store

Roma, don't mess it up now. The hard work has been done, a glorious victory over Chelsea secured and a revenge mission completed against Cluj. Please, get the point you deserve and need against Bordeaux.

Inter and Juve, don't do it Italian style. Win your last group games to proudly enter the later stages of the Champions League rather than going in with a whimper. I know you don't need a victory or even a point but, just the same, give us something to cheer. (Inter, you owe us on that score. Juve, no pressure, you did great deeds against Real).

And finally Fiorentina, my little Fiorentina. You may be out of the CL but how about setting the record straight in the UEFA Cup? Last season's elimination to Rangers still sticks in the craw. It might be a meagre consolation but make sure you don't mess it up against Steaua...


Aussie Romanista said...

Job done. Forza Magica Roma!
That's all.

patcook said...

good couple of nights. pretty much the best outcome you could have asked for, 3 teams through and one to the UEFA Cup.

Who really wants the Champions League to change though? The line up for the second round is fantastic and although most of the usual suspects made it through, it was an exciting group stage, particular thanks to Cluj for set the tone early.

Hopefully the draw is kind to the Italian sides and they all make it the quarters, one of them would surely make the final from there right?