Tuesday, September 02, 2008

All five flop

It's a rare weekend in Serie A when the five would-be title contenders fail to win. Nonetheless, that is what happened on opening weekend. It could bode well for the competitive level of the year ahead.

Inter were foiled by Sampdoria and held to a draw, Roma did the same against Napoli (with some more nasty fan trouble, tsk, tsk) and Juve and Fiorentina also shared the spoils. Worst of all were Milan who lost at home to my tip to surprise Bologna.

I think the Rossoneri have a lot to sort out after performing open-heart surgery in the summer. Inter are not as far ahead of the pack as they think while Juve and the Viola were probably worth a point each (although I thought Fiorentina did most of the attacking). I didn't see much of Roma but think they have to be disappointed with not getting an opening day win.

It means Torino, Lazio, Udinese and the likes are sitting pretty at present. They get to enjoy it for at least a couple of weeks, too, as the Nazionale takes centre stage.


patcook said...

Marco Di Viao hey, what a pain in the arse he is. I think Milans main problem is that the coach and board have very different views on what the team should be and there is only one side thats gunna lose that argument and it aint Berlusconi or Galliani.

I think the sooner someone who shares Berlusconi's vision for Milan replaces Ancelotti the better. Still, Im confident we can atleast get back in the top 4 the season.

Hopefully Lazio can continue and fulfill my prediction and get back into Europe.

ginkers said...


I honestly hope Ancelotti keeps the job, if only to show Italy can do the Man Utd thing too. As for Lazio, they will crash and burn!

Aussie Romanista said...

That's the spirit GR! Lazio crash and burn!!
But let's hope it happens to Inter instead.

TrentToffee said...

With Channel-5 pulling the plug on Football-Italiano I'm effectively blind to all of this seasons action. F*ckola !! Thanks 5. Ginkers, I'm relying on you for balanced, objective opinion of this seasons highlights :0) AR, I'm relying on you for harsh criticism on Inter or anyone else worthy of your ire. I'm now off to Corsica for 3 weeks. ARRRGHH...

patcook said...

TT you should move to Australia, were getting about 5 live games a week plus highlights.
One of the perks of living in a small market where the rights are sold off cheaply i guess.