Friday, August 29, 2008

Good draw, bad draw?

Italy's four troops for the Champions League battle found out their group enemies yesterday. My first reaction was that they all landed pretty favourable sections. None of them will have it easy but, equally, none of them face an impossible task.

Inter, as top seeds, got the best of it, I reckon. Bremen, Panathinaikos and Anorthosis should hardly have Jose Mourinho quaking. As always, if the Nerazzurri don't progress, they only have themselves to blame. Prospects of progress: 90%

It fell to Roma to land Johnny English in the form of Chelsea. They were the Premiership side I would have preferred to avoid. I reckon Liverpool or Arsenal would have been an easier task. Still, the other group members - Bordeaux and Cluj (queue a lot of toilet jokes from the Scottish speakers out there) - are not unbeatable. Prospects of progress: 70%.

Juventus landed a more sticky looking section. Real Madrid and last season's revelation Zenit make tough contenders. I reckon the Russians were a third seed nobody wanted. Still, there was the consolation of BATE Borisov or whatever they are called as bottom dogs. The Bianconeri should still have what it takes to get through. Prospects of progress: 60%.

As a fourth seed, Fiorentina were always likely to land the toughest group but it did not go as badly as it might have. Lyon, Bayern Munich and Steaua Bucharest is not easy but not entirely out of reach. It also throws up the delightful prospect of Luca Toni coming back to Florence. All in all a real test of how the Viola are developing as a team. Prospects of progress: 35%.


Antonio Gurrado said...

I'm afraid Fiorentina will focus on the Champions League's first stage this year, and this won't help them with the Serie A. Sorry Ginkers, but I wouldn't be surprised if they will arrive 8th-10th in our championship.

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TrentToffee said...

Inter will cruise through. And I'm going to stick my neck out and say they'll go to semi's (I don't predict further than that). It's a tough draw for Juve. I can't see them going through. Which gives your team have the chance to stick one over them.

patcook said...

Lyon and Bayern aren't as strong as theyve been in the past. Bayern have had a shaky start to the season and hopefully you can get to them before they get their house in order and Lyon peeked a few years back and I think you can atleast beat them in Florence.

Im really looking forward to the possibility of all 4 Italian teams going through to the next stage.

ginkers said...


I hope you are wrong, but maybe you will prove correct.


Inter really have no excuse and I would love the Viola to get further than Juve.


I would like to think we could beat just about anyone in Florence but we will need to be strong away also if we hope to qualify.