Sunday, September 14, 2008

A curse on Napoli

Got back to watching the Viola today after a two week break and it was the same old torture. We huffed and puffed and went ahead with a clinical Adrian Mutu finish. Only then we got caught twice and lost the game. All three points stayed in the San Paolo with Napoli.

It was a hard one to take because, I felt, we did all the attacking. The home side were happy to sit back and punch us on the break which, to be fair, they did brilliantly. Little Lavezzi was a niggling nuisance every time he got the ball.

There is a lesson there, however. Fiorentina need to get a cutting edge and quickly. It is no use bossing a game if you can't kill the opposition off. I thought that lesson should have been learned against Rangers last year. Also, we need to know how to tighten things up once we have taken a lead.

Still, it could be worse, I guess. I could be a Milan fan. They have started off dreadfully. And Roma have not done much better. Although I think the number of absentees against Palermo was a partial excuse for their failure. However, it all confirms this could really be a wide open championship race.


patcook said...

I watched Milan play, but flicked over to watch Napoli Fiorentina a lot. It was always going to be tough for Viola, Napoli have a good record at home. 1 goals never really enough to beat Napoli at their home ground when Hamsik and Lavezzi are in decent form.

Still, better to have 1 point from two games versus Juve and Napoli, than 0 points from games against Genoa and Bologna.

Lazio flying high.

Juventino said...

Since Milan have become a circus act it's technically incorrect to say that they play. The correct term is perform...abysmally.

Antonio Gurrado said...

So, this year race for Serie B looks like that: Milan 0, Roma and Fiorentina 1. Pah.


Aussie Romanista said...

No mention of Mutu's offside goal by about 50 metres??

Milan are changing their name from A.C. Milan to GT Milan. Yes they are now known as Globetrotters Milan.

ginkers said...


Napoli are a good counter-attacking team but I wish we could have kept ahead of them a bit longer. I reckon we might have got more chances to make it 2-0.

And I'm surprised by Lazio and they have an easy tie in the San Siro this weekend!


That is harsh, if with more than a grain of truth.


I am confident things will turn around for at least two of those three teams...


The goal was certainly offside but not quite by 50m. However, I also thought we had a good shout for a penalty when Cannavaro barged Gilardino in the box. I just felt we took the initiative for much of the game and deserved at least a point in reward. But we need to get sharper up front...

The Rossoneri better sharpen out or they could be out of the UEFA Cup and the Scudetto race within the next fortnight...

patcook said...

yeh ive got no confidence in milan against lazio.

Although with Pirlo out perhaps the shape of the team will change and something might happen to earn us a point.