Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Special One strikes

It did not take long for the first mind games to begin. Jose Mourinho has picked his first victim - Claudio Ranieri. "He is about 70 and he has won a Super Cup and a little cup," he is reported to have blasted at the Juve boss. Ah, what fun!

Certainly, after the pastings some of the Italian teams have been taking pre-season, this banter between bosses might be the only fun we get this year. I never take too much out of friendly games but you have got to be worried. The gap between the Huge Debt League and the rest of Europe is getting bigger and bigger.

I hope that once the action gets under way we can find the tactics to get some decent results. Otherwise, I fear we might be watching a more and more triumphal march for the forces of England.


TrentToffee said...

"Huge Debt League" nice one :0)

Don't despair old chap. It'll all fall down like a house of cards one day. The chickens will come home to roost, etc, etc. NOTHING lasts forever. Massive debt always catches up.

Personally, I don't think there is a gap between the EPL, Serie 'A', La Liga, etc. The gap in broadcasting revenues exists sure enough (mainly due to the Far Eastern market). But there's no gap in terms of quality. The same old faces will be contesting next seasons CL (i.e. AC Milan, Barca, Chelski, Inter, Man U, etc). But outside of those big guns I think parity still exists between the major European leagues.

patcook said...

Mourinho was reacting to something Ranieri said about him, wasn't he? Could turn out to be a huge blunder on Ranieri's part. Very few managers get the better of Jose in the mind games. Even SAF was no more than the special ones equal at best.

If I was a manager I would have been steering well clear of the special one and not becoming the first scalp on the wall.

I dont really think you can read to much into the pre season stuff, whens the next time Anelka will score 4 goals in a game? (next time Kalac is in goal I suppose)

As for the debt thing TT i think the debt will increase the size of the fall but im not sure it will cause it. I think if the national side continues to fail and they dont sort out their forign vs home grown player problem the popularity of the league will eventually dwindle.

ginkers said...


I hope you are right but some results have worried me pre-season.


Only a fool crosses Mourinho right enough. Still, makes for some interesting times.