Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Stepping into the Jose era

The managerial scene in Italy just got very interesting. With Roberto Mancini shown the door at Inter, in steps a man likely to liven up press conferences everywhere - Jose Mourinho (aka The Special One). Spalletti, Ancelotti and the rest better watch out for those mind games.

You've got to feel a bit sorry for Mancio. I know I had my reservations about his coaching abilities but delivering three titles in a row (by a roundabout means) is no mean achievement. Mind you, just ask Gordon Strachan if that is enough to buy you love.

The clear statement of intent with the Mourinho appointment, however, is a move for the Champions League. While Inter have dominated at home, they have failed to produce the goods in Europe. If there is one thing the Nerazzurri will hope he can address, it is that failing.

However, we would do well to remember that with an even greater budget at Chelsea he was unable to deliver that prize. Nonetheless, he retains a reputation - perpetuated largely by himself - as one of the biggest managerial names in the world. If he can deliver a Champions League to Inter then few could argue with is quality. It has only been 40 years or so since they last won one, after all.

* On a sad note, I see Riccardo Montolivo has been left out of the Italy 23 for the European Nations. As a Viola man, I am upset and hoped he could have squeezed out Roma's Alberto Aquilani. Still, Forza Azzurri.


Juventino said...

It's an admission by Moratti that these scudetti aren't worth much.

martinobhoy said...

Is this an exclusive for Rinaldi's Blog as I hadn't seen it anywhere else?

It certainly would be interesting to have Mourinho in Serie although he couldn't deliver the Big Cup at Chelsea. Wonder how much time he would get at Inter to win it?

patcook said...

the special one also won the CL with a, presumably, much smaller budget at Porto than he will have at Inter.

Not that im hoping Mourinho is all that sucessful at Inter. Perhaps he will join the long line of people who had to fail at inter before succeeding at Milan.

Im also backing Jose to raise the % of Italian players at the club

patcook said...

ah and thanks for taking Gila, hopefully he does better for you guys and gets back into azzurri contention.

although i do think Fiorentina should have tried harder to get Barzagli

TrentToffee said...

The ego has landed and I expect there'll be a bit of name calling to come. It'll be interesting to see how he gets on with Ibrahimovitch & Materazzi. Personally I think Materazzi is now toast. Mourinho has his favourites. To state the obvious, it all depends on how much he has to spend. But, sticking my neck out, expect the arrivals of Carvalho, Deco, and possibly Drogba. And couple more scudetti. And a cup.

ginkers said...


Trust you to say that!


We like to break the big news stories. I would give him a couple of seasons at Inter and a budget of countless millions.


Even if he just signs one it would raise the percentage of Italian players. And I hope Gila can give us 20 goals, that would be great. Seems like Barzagli wanted too much money.


There is talk of Deco-Lampard-Eto'o as a trio which would be interesting to say the least.