Sunday, May 18, 2008

See you in the Champions

It would never have been the Viola way to do things simply, so instead they made me sweat until 15 minutes from time. They should have been about five goals ahead of Torino by half-time but Matteo Sereni kept getting in the way.

When we heard Milan were losing, of course, we relaxed a bit but when they swept past Udinese there was an air of panic. Yes, Toro were hardly killing themselves to beat us but the ball would not find its way into the net.

It was going to take something special and, in the end, Pablo Osvaldo (right) delivered exactly that. A spectacular overhead kick which put us into fourth spot. Having had the Champions League snatched away previously, it tastes all the sweeter this time around.

I hope, however, we have learned the lessons that both Serie A and Europe have taught us this term. Too often we have either failed to get ahead of teams or failed to kill them off. We need a bit more killer instinct if we are to survive at this higher level.

Still, there is next season to think of those matters. The summer beckons and Euro 2008. There really is no rest for the Italian football fan.


Spangly Princess said...

Bravi! I was delighted you managed to hold on to 4th spot. From an outsider's perspective I think the Viola have had a great season: 4th & the Uefa semi-final is no mean achievement, and considering, as you observe, the many obvious areas for improvement the future must look bright.

I was in Firenze yesterday as it happens, and caught a glimpse of the stadium from the bus which goes up the hill to Fiesole - I thought of you!

patcook said...

A deserved triumph for your boys ginkers.

It will be good to see Mutu strutting his stuff in the CL. would love to see him score a winner against Chelsea.

Plus, its good to see that, unlike England, the top 4 in serie a is still variable.

Hopefully Inter miss out next season

Aussie Romanista said...

Roma v Fiorentina in the CL final at the Olimpico next season!

TrentToffee said...

It was a terrific finale to the season, and a great advert for Serie 'A'. I'm chuffed for your team bagging the 4th spot. I hope they get through the play-off's. It'll be good to see some new blood in the CL.

Fair play to Roma for taking it to the wire. And (I'll wisper this) Inter are worthy champions. They won it fair and square this time (i.e. w/o any points assistance) so let them enjoy there moment in the sun.

Milanista said...

Congratulations to La Viola on finishing in fourth spot. As a Milan fan it's difficult to accept the UEFA Cup but in the end Fiorentina were the better team throughout the whole season. I wish them luck for next season and wll certainly support them in the Champions League.


Brian said...

Well done to La Viola! see you in the CL next year. However my heart will be with the Swedes in EURO 2008 as they have some 36 year old up front who I once watched a long time ago.....

martinobhoy said...


Just to add my congratulations. We might get that trip to the Artemio Franchi to see Fiorentina v Celtic at long last.

Juventino said...

I was thinking about Fiorentina going into the Champions League yesterday and I concluded that it's really bullcrap for any commentator to say anything like 'good on them for getting there, but it'll hurt Serie A's standing in Europe that they're there ahead of Milan' as some have.

Now, I love Milan when they're in the Champions League because their pedigree is unmatched by any other club, and as a Juventino I admire it and I'm extremely envious. But, currently, they are the past and the present (at least for one more month) of the national team.

But, more importantly, Fiorentina are the future. They have more players that could make up our 2010 squad than just about any other club: Montolivo, Pazzini, Pasqual, Donadel, Gamberini and maybe even Osvaldo. And they could even add to that if they sign Barzagli and Gilardino and the other half of Christian Maggio. I wouldn't be surprised if there are others that I'm forgetting.

It's absolutely fantastic that Fiorentina are in the Champions League, and it's important that they make the most of it.

Bad luck, Milan!

Forza Viola! This Juventino loves you!!!

ginkers said...


Looking back, it was a good season. It still hurts that we didnt make a better effort against Rangers but such is life. I will be back to those Fiesole hills soon, I hope!


Cheers for that. I think you are right maybe from a purely Champions League point of view there would have been more chance of winning it with Milan. But for Serie A it is good to be competitive.


If that happens, I'll see you there.


Spot on on everything. I would love us to get to the group stages it would let us "grow up" as a team.


Maybe a season out of the CL will bring Milan back more hungry than ever. Certainly a few changes need to be made.


Surely you mean Holland for Hennegoor of Vessylink!


What a day that would be.


A juventino who loves Fiorentina? Never thought I'd hear such a thing. As I said above, I think it has to be good to move Serie A forward with some fresh faces. Why would we want to be locked up with the same old faces forever?

Juventino said...

Well, I don't get the feeling of the rivalries in Australia. I love seeing Italian teams play good football. And Batistuta lives near me...somewhere!