Sunday, May 11, 2008

I'm back

Life is never dull following Fiorentina in particular and Italian football in general. After the UEFA semi-final, I felt drained of all supporting emotion for quite a while. Ten days or so, however, and they caught me once again.

I felt a sickening thud when Parma scored in Florence as if the wheels were coming off the whole season. Not only were we going to miss out on the UEFA Cup final but we were going to throw away our shot at a Champions League spot. All that good work wasted.

But then a cheer went up from the Fiesole. Napoli had taken the lead against Milan. Suddenly, if we got a grip, fourth place was still possible. I leapt from my resignation and acceptance of defeat as the men in purple surged forward for one last heroic effort. Wee Mario Santana - one of our most frustrating players this season - grabbed an equaliser. It was game on.

When word got round that Napoli had gone two clear my living room and the Stadio Franchi went bananas. I like to think that I was able to send my vibes across the miles to the stadium. Now was the time to go for the kill.

Once again it was a player who has annoyed me as much as pleased me this season - Franco Semioli - who found the net. This time from a lovely cross by Martin Jorgensen. Then Osvaldo put the icing on the cake to finish proceedings.

Surely football could not be so cruel as to let already-safe Torino do anything other than let us triumph next Sunday? At least let this fine purple season end with a Champions League place. If that happens we owe a big thank-you to Napoli for putting one over on their old rivals Milan when they had nothing to really fight for.


martinobhoy said...

Keep believing Ginkers. It would be a just reward for the Viola's efforts this season.

TrentToffee said...

It was riveting watching. Yesterdays live match. And the results coming in. Terrific results for your boys. At home, and in Naples. I must admit that I saved my biggest grin for Materazzi. What a chump !!

Sienna have made a habit of making a nuisanse of themeselves this season, and, I seem to recall, you'd written them off to go down. Would you care to revise your opinion of them ? :0)

My season will now be complete IF :- a). Roma finish their job.
b). Inter crumble.
c). Fiorentina finish their job.
d). Oh, and, Sampdoria leapfrog Milan.

Bring it on.

Brian said...

Hope it make the pain a bit easier to handle. Good luck for the final game, I hope you get a positive result just like I'll be hoping for with our trip to Dundee, may we both be smiling in a few weeks time :0)

patcook said...

whats with teams like Napoli and siena, with nothing to play for, taking points off teams that need them?

Perhaps calciopoli has done a little good.

although parma have sacked cuper ahead of their inter match which is a little dodgy.

I don't know if i can handle watching the final day. There has already been so much back and fourth.

Im sure the drug companies will make a bundle on heart medication next weekend

ginkers said...


I have never stopped believing but the Viola know how to make you suffer.


I'm looking forward to another thrilling weekend this Sunday. And, you're right, I wrote off Siena but they have shown themselves to have a lot more gumption than I thought.


Hope we're heading for a good finale for both our teams.


It's good to see these teams making a fight of it, even if it is bad for the nerves. However, I hope Toro are not too up for it on Sunday.