Sunday, December 10, 2006

Incredible at the Olimpico

I can honestly say if you had told me after half an hour of the Rome derby that Lazio would win 3-0 I would have thought you were having a laugh. So much so that I even risked a few hard earned pounds on a Giallorosso triumph. They were passing the ball well, creating chances - it looked only a matter of time until they went ahead.

Then Cristian Ledesma struck a thunderbolt shot that gave Lazio the lead and the whole Roma edifice seemed to crumble. A blunder from the ridiculous Phillipe Mexes helped to gift a penalty. Then the dubious decision to send on Vucinic (what has Montella done to be ignored in his favour?) and throw caution to the wind left gaping gaps in the Roma defence. It could have been an even heavier defeat in the end, which seemed impossible given the class gulf between the sides.

The result puts Lazio in the running for a Champions League spot while just about killing off Roma's Scudetto hopes. That's a shame as I would like to see somebody put some pressure on Inter. But it looks like they are too powerful for anybody to seriously challenge. I never thought I would be saying that about Inter.


Spangly Princess said...

ow ow ow

Mexes is normally our best defender, he had a shocker tonight but he's not normally like that.

Doni also had a bit of a 'mare. Montella has said he wants out in January, which is why Spalletti is perservering with Vucinic.

tonight was what happens when our system falls apart. but they deserved to won, Mauri was outstanding, they worked really hard, thye were organised, Oddo had a great game, it's hard to take many positives from our wretched capitulation quite frankly.

I ought to be saying complimentary things about the Viola who had a great game today but my heart's really not in it.

Spangly Princess said...

they deserved to won? haha my grammar is as screwed as our hopes of the scudetto

Anonymous said...

It'll take something spectacular to throw away the Scudetto now but if there's one club capable of it then it's Inter.

ginkers said...


It's OK, I thought your post was remarkably restrained given the circumstances. But I'm not a big Mexes fan and I do think you desperately need a striker to give you a tactical Plan B.


Inter look a tougher side this season but, still, hope springs eternal. I hate to see the outright favourites win - hence a life of supporting the Viola.

Spangly Princess said...

at times on sunday I wondered if we even had a plan A

Anonymous said...

Inter are actually starting to play some decent football now - the only plus point as far as I am concerned is that if Inter start to run away with the league, both they and Roma can concentrate on the Champions League come February.

I tend to agree with Spangly's views of Mexes - I think he's a decent player (albeit prone to blowing up pretty often). Doni and Vucinic on the other hand...Montella only wants to leave because he never gets a chance - he would have been a far better choice to bring on rather than Vucinic.

ginkers said...

I heard that Fulham are supposed to be signing Montella! Fulham!

Spangly Princess said...

yeah, l'Aeroplanino at Fulham would be a clear sign of the world gone totally insane. though my Fulham mate - Ormondroyd who used to do those rather nifty cartoons for the Guardian, dunno if you ever saw them - says he thinks it's all bollocks. From Montella's perspective I can understand, a player of his calibre deserves not to be stuck on the bench. But I'd be GUTTED if he left.

Vucinic is young, he hasn't found his feet yet for us, and deserves a bit of time. Doni, otoh... Brazilian keepers are never a good plan.

ginkers said...

Mind you, I would follow Fulham with much more interest if he did sign.