Saturday, September 30, 2006

Povero Toro!

I would freely admit I have a soft spot for Torino. Maybe it is their dislike of Juve, maybe it is their tragic history (Superga, Gigi Meroni etc) or maybe it is just the colour of their strips. Whatever it is, it never seems like a proper Serie A season without them.

But, boy oh boy, did they take one hell of a beating on Saturday night. 4-0 going on 8-0 by Lazio. They held on reasonably for a half but once they went behind, the floodgates opened. Maybe their President, Mr Urbano Cairo, will be having a few regrets about sacking the Coach who got them promoted a few days before the season started to bring in Alberto Zaccheroni. If you too thought that Zac's day was done it was proved in spades in front of the long-suffering Granata support.

The team clearly don't want to play for him because, although they are bad, they are not that bad. They desperately need a striker and a way to get the best out of undoubtedly talented players like Rosina and Fiore. Otherwise, they might pass Juve coming up as they head straight back down to Serie B.

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