Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Champions apprehension

I dont think I ever approached the Champs League with a greater sense of concern. I really struggle to see Italian teams making any impact this year.

Roma struggled last season with the double burden of league and UEFA Cup so don't look to have a squad ready for the top competition. Milan will be totally focussed on getting their points back in Serie A. And Inter, well Inter just always let us down.

With Chievo gone already and our UEFA contingent looking modest too, I fear there are a couple of lean years ahead. Or am I just too pessimistic?


martinobhoy said...

I think you're right on Milan. Their focus will be Serie A but you never know with Inter. It might be that they think they've got enough slack in Serie A to concentrate on the Champions League. With Capello at Real and with their defence strengthened they could be the favourites.

It's all academic anyway because Celtic will win it anyway ;o)

Spangly Princess said...

well, Inter are a) on paper very strong and b) unfortunately still Inter at heart, so we all know what will happen there. Milan *have* to focus on the league or they're in real trouble. christ they way they've been going on about oliviera's goal you'd think he was the new messiah.

we'll probably struggle in that our squad isn't large, otoh our group is pretty easy, relatively speaking, so we shall see how things go.

Venezian said...

I think you're being pessimistic. I think all three can make an impact - even despite Inter's slip up last night. Yes, Milan will concentrate on the league, but I think they will also perform well in Europe, as they invariably always do.

I can see at least two sides in the QFs, and then it will depend on how they are doing in the league and how favourable the draw is to them.

Have faith in the Italiani!

Spangly Princess said...

not a bad start!