Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Return of the champs

OK, we all enjoyed the summer but it's time to get back down to business with the first friendly of the Donadoni era. I admit it, the thought of seeing a squad including, I think, one World Cup winner (Amelia) doesn't exactly fill me with joy. But, still, the Azzurri are the Azzurri and the last time I missed a game was when I was wearing nappies (yes, it was six months ago but that was just a phase, honest).

Apparently there was a joke in the Gazzetta the other day about Dona's first squad, it said, more or less: "Donadoni has announced his first squad it contains: 7 debutants, 5 Sampdoriani, 3 dentists, two folk singers, one pensioner and three of his neighbours..." Nice one.

Still, interesting to see just how we get on and plenty of interest for a Viola man with a lot of our current and past players in the squad. I just hope it's not too embarrassing but then, Lippi started with a bad loss to Iceland.

Will also try to watch the Under 21s tonight and see what Gigi Casiraghi can come up with. That's a strange managerial selection indeed. However, if he gets the wins, you won't find me complaining. And, you know what, whatever happens we are STILL WORLD CHAMPIONS!


* (asterisk) said...

It's a shame that the first match went the way it did. Still, it was a friendly, and it's at matches like this that experiments can be tried. Campioni, perĂ².

ginkers said...

It was a poor, poor game as expected. You can't really think a team thrown together like that about a month before the season starts was going to be any good. Plus, we like a new Coach to start with a defeat. The only man I would probably save was Di Michele who looked lively...