Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Pippo Must Go

After his latest heroic performance for Milan, it seems the right time to launch a campaign to ensure that Filippo Inzaghi gets a place in Marcello Lippi's squad for the summer.

He can be frustrating, annoying and a general nuisance but no Italian player puts the ball in the net as regularly as he does - nor at such crucial moments. That is why I am seeking support for the "Pippo Must Go" campaign launched on April 5, 2006 with the sole aim of seeking Pippogol among the 23 taken to Germany.

If you feel like me, join the campaign by emailing the Italian federation with your view.

The email address is:

Our template message, if you wish to copy is as follows...

Egregio/a signore/a,

Sono un tifoso italiano che vuole vedere la nostra nazionale vincere i mondiali in Germania. Per questo aderisco alla campagna "Pippo Must Go" e scrivo per esprimere il mio desiderio di vedere Filippo Inzaghi tra i convocati per Germania 2006.

Distinti saluti,

Come on Italian football fans, you know it makes sense.


Mark Coyle said...

OK, so you don't like my hats. I can't abide grappa... awful stuff. Bad for you.

a.c.t said...
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a.c.t said...

It has been done. Great campaign - I will spread the word. Come on Superpippo!

martinobhoy said...

Did I not start this campaign on Wednesday morning with my e-mail to you?

Hangover from last night's party in Paradise just clearing now!

Hail Hail

ginkers said...

As always, Martino, you give me a daft idea and I run with it!

Spangly Princess said...

as a lifelong tifosa of the azzuri the thought of pippo-eternally-offside-inzaghi representing me makes me a bit sick. he's loathsome. and makes me use all sorts of unladylike language. tsk.

Totti will be back, I rate both Luca Toni & Gilardino higher than Inzaghi anyway and for all his problems even Vieri. No need for Inzaghi at all ;-)

ginkers said...

Ah but Vieiri looks like being injured so it leaves a space for somebody. I agree that Pippo is a huge pain in the .... but he does score goals. And that could be vital in the summer.

Who are the other options - Lucarelli? Caracciolo? Tavano? None have Inzaghi's experience, like him or not.

Of course Toni is better. Toni is better than everyone!