Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Not again

It seems that Bobby Mansions - the erstwhile Roberto Mancini - is pig sick of Italian football. The latest sorry incident where two of his players were apparently attacked by fans was the clincher for Mancio. He will apparently leave the country at the end of his reign at Inter to seek employment elsewhere - somewhere where the game is still played for fun.

Good luck, Roberto, in finding that place but certainly there are more and more of these sorry incidents creeping into the game. It was truly rich to hear Juve fans jeering their team off the pitch after capitulation to Arsenal. Yes, the Bianconeri were bad over two legs but what to these fans think they deserve. They have got a team strolling to its 29th title and that is not enough for them. What exactly do they expect?

There is a lot wrong at Inter and maybe Mancini could find a bit of refreshing change at a smaller club. The Nerazzurri are turning into the most paranoid side in Italy - seeing conspiracy and nasty plots where really there are none. They were short of the quality needed both in Serie A and Europe this year. A few minor adjustments and they could certainly be good enough in Italy but, instead, Mancini will probably leave, the whole team will be scrapped and it will be back to the same old routine.

If there was anything I could change about Italian football it would be that. The constant recriminations - rather than accepting defeat - and the knee-jerk revolutions that have never done anybody any good. Ask Aldo Spinelli at Livorno about pushing Donadoni out to be replaced by losses-on-the-trot Mazzone!

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