Sunday, April 16, 2006

The impossible dream?

Ok, let's face it, the "Culo di Juve" is alive and well as their 95th minute equaliser against Cagliari underlined. But, just the same, the Bianconeri have looked far from impressive in recent outings. Could it yet be possible for them to miss out on Scudetto 29?

In a word, no. Carlo Ancelotti has got his Milan team so concentrated on Europe that the title barely seems to merit a mention. It's a shame they fielded an understrength team at Lecce which cost them defeat. Otherwise we could all have a great showdown.

Their only hope is the lesson of history. When Ancelotti himself was in charge of Juve they lost a similar lead to Lazio.

The last games are Juve (away in caps): Lazio, SIENA, Palermo, REGGINA.
Milan: MESSINA, Livorno, PARMA, Roma.

I would bet on Juve clinching it at home to Palermo but if they can come away from the Lazio match without defeat it is probably all over. Still, it's nice to dream isn't it?

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