Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tifare contro

It is a sorry state of affairs, but it is the only option left to me this season. I have been reduced to trying to come up with a combination of outcomes which allows England's Big Four to win the fewest trophies possible. At least I have already been spared Manchester United's quintuple celebrations and Liverpool's European triumph.

What I have come up with is as follows. Barcelona, obviously, to win the Champions League. Everton, naturally, to win the FA Cup and whoever the hell you like (probably not Man Utd since that would give them a double) to win the Premiership. It is a kind of damage limitation exercise since Italian teams have let me down.

In a more positive manner, I am still hoping Fiorentina can sneak into 4th spot in Serie A. However, after the way we played against Udinese and the penalties they have started giving to Roma I am none too optimistic...


TrentToffee said...

It's good to have your support ginks. But I'm afraid that I can't reciprocate it. You see I'm rooting for Genoa for that 4th champions league spot. I'm obliged to on pain of fist - from former work colleagues :o)

Besides, my favourite Monday night footie shirt is an old Genoa thing that I've had for years. It's a masterpiece.

patcook said...

In Europe i really am backing for Barca now so that English clubs don't win it. But domestically, in the EPL and FA Cup, i couldnt care really.

I have to say im with TT on the 4th spot in Serie A. Id like to see Fiorentina able to compete for the Serie A title someday shortly and returning to CL next year would help, but its hard not to think Genoa getting 4th would make the better story.

old_rebel said...

I hope Barcelona win it, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Arsenal are going to do it. Once again Italian clubs have let me down, the gap with the premership is getting wider,I hope this get retified soon. Also Serie A has been quite boring the season, I'm amazed that Inter have a 10 point lead when they have't been playing at all well

ginkers said...


If it wasn't the Viola I wouldn't mind the Grifone getting it. Over the season they have probably been the better team but, just the same.

Do you think your boys are up to doing Chelsea in the cup final?


I am not all that bothered about England either but it is just to avoid media overkill but any team which wins more than one trophy.

And we need that CL money to build for the future!


Nice to see you popping by. Arsenal can focus their efforts on the Champions, that's for sure.

I don't think Serie A has been that boring, there have been some cracking matches. You are right about Inter but they do have the strength in depth their rivals lack.

TrentToffee said...

...doubtful. We turned over the red sods at Anfield, and then Man ure. But I doubt lightening will strike thrice. Beating those two is satisfying enough.

Wish I'd got to see the Griffins play this season. From what I've read they've been pretty damned good.

As for the champs league, I'd like to see Arsenal do it. If only because Wenger deserves it. And after last night Arshavin goal fest. That fella can hit them.

patcook said...

TT, come on, if timmy cahills on form anything would be possible

TrentToffee said...

Pat, too true. He is capable of anything. Which is why he's such a talisman, as well as a great player to boot. I caught the match at Chelsea the other night and we should have bagged all 3 points. So they don't look so invincible. Heck, if we're gonna win it then let's do it the hard way.

We've been a real nuisance this season :o)

patcook said...

you guys notice that Fergie ripped of Carletto's formation and tacics. He's used it a fair few times since 2007, but it was almost exactly milan last nyt.

Good to see English clubs cant win unless theyre a bit Italian ;p

ginkers said...

Good point, Pat, good point.