Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Fighting Irish!

Imagine looking at your enemy and finding it is like looking in a mirror. That will happen in Bari tonight when Italy take on the Republic of Ireland. On one bench a silvery haired Italian and, on the other bench, another silvery haired Italian!

Of course it is about the players on the pitch but it is hard not to think of it as Trap versus Lippi. Two legends of Juve - one with club honours from around the world, the other a World Cup winner. And Marco Tardelli involved as well. It will be hard not to have mixed emotions.

Still, a win for the Azzurri would put them virtually on the plane to South Africa. That is why I can hardly believe it will happen. Something must surely go wrong. Italy just don't do straightforward qualification campaigns.


martinobhoy said...

And if only oor Aiden had been playing....

Erin Go Bragh!

patcook said...

a point was good enough. Australia's had a WCQ campaign thats focused on just getting the needed result. Azzurri will surely qualify no matter how close they cut it.