Saturday, June 28, 2008

Welcome home Marcello...

So it appears we are back where we left off two years ago. The Donadoni era is over and back walks in the man with the Toscano cigar, Marcello Lippi. Why did we bother getting rid of him in the first place?

If he just wanted a rest, couldn't we have advertised for a caretaker for 24 months? Or maybe Dona knew that was what he was getting. Otherwise, it was precious time wasted.

The Azzurri did OK in Euro 2008 but they lacked conviction and confidence. Undoubtedly, missing Cannavaro, Pirlo and Gattuso for a big game against Spain was a tough ask. Just the same, a lot of the new men came up short in the tournament. Aquilani did little in that particular match, Di Natale seemed a long way off world class and Barzagli was a flop too. At least there was Chiellini and De Rossi to be proud of along with the old favourites like Buffon, Zambrotta, Grosso. Still unsure about Cassano but he must have a part in the way forward.

There is a lot of talk about Nesta and Totti coming back but would this really be the way to go? We have already lost a couple of years for potential progress, we need to look to the future. On the other hand, if these great players can still give something to the cause then why not? I await developments with interest.

PS - I had a great holiday under a sweltering Tuscan sun with the temperatures up to 38C. Back in Scotland now though, wind, rain and 20 degrees cooler.


patcook said...

For me the greatest disappointment was Luca Toni. So many goals for Bayern last season and nothing at the euros. which means he has only scored in one of eleven games at major tournaments.

I'll reserve judgement on Lippi's return.

ginkers said...

Toni did not play well but, equally, I think Italy only played well against France when he really should have had a couple of strikes.

Juventino said...

All of the World Cup winners bar Buffon, Grosso, De Rossi, Pirlo, Iaquinta and Gilardino should be thanked and never selected for la nazionale again.

patcook said...

i agree juventino

TrentToffee said...

Smacks of a knee-jerk reaction to me. I'm not sure what Lippi would have done, that Donadoni didn't. Losing your captain and chief inspiration (on pitch) before the first ball is kicked is a huge loss to any manager. And if your midfield and strikers don't turn up then there's not much that you can do about that.

I agree with Juventino. There are a few players past their best and haven't performed all season.

I think Donandoni was hard done by, and deserved another tournament to have a go at. It's not usually a good thing to look to the past.

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