Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Addio capitano!

A bitter blow on the eve of the Euro Nations as Il Capitano - Fabio Cannavaro - gets injured on the training ground. A curse on Giorgio Chiellini - did the Juve man think he would get Canna's place?

There are some good replacements, of course, but none with anything like his presence and experience. Maybe "Mad Dog" Panucci will be moved to the centre (no bad thing for defending our flanks) or will the tough-nut Matrix-Barzagli combo be used?

No matter, there is a championship to be won and it is great to see he will be hanging around to give his support. You really would not expect anything less. Forza Cannavaro!


Red said...

L'ho letto stamattina su Repubblica e mi sono venuti i capelli bianchi.

Mamma mia... stiamo davvero inguaiati!

(Though I hear somebody from Fiorentina will be replacing the Berlin Wall... that oughta make you happy, no?)

patcook said...

Do you think weve seen the last of Canna playing for the Azzurri?

If he isn't in the managers plans for 2010 he might not get too many more games.

TrentToffee said...

Big big loss. Terrific player.

Aussie Romanista said...

Very saddened to see il capitano have to miss out. But the character of the man has shone through as he wants to stay and sit on the bench. I'd love to see he and Buffon lift the trophy together.
Chiellini's tackle didn't look like much, but then it doesn't take much to damage a ligament. Your foot lands awkwardly and it's over.
Cannavaro won't be as easily replaced as Nesta was by Materazzi in 2006. Barzagli-Materazzi isn't a bad combination (if Matrix steps up again and doesn't show his Inter-ness), maybe even Chiellini or Panucci, but Barzagli has to be the one to be sure of a place. He's under-rated in my opinion. Although, Wolfsburg - wtf??. Donadoni should declare that if anyone else signs for a German team they can pack their bags!
Comunque, speriamo bene. FORZA RAGAZZI!!!!

ginkers said...


Gamberini in but it will take a lot for him to fill Cannavaro's shoes.


I think that as long as he keeps playing he will be up for Italy. Too soon to write him off.




Time for Barzagli to have a big tournament and step out of the shadows of some of the other players.