Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ragazzi, non mollare!

It sounds better when 40,000 sing it, as we'll hear on Thursday...

And for Martino!

Garrisca al vento il labaro viola,
sui campi della sfida e del valore
una speranza viva ci consola
abbiamo undici atleti ed un solo cuore!

Rit.: O Fiorentina, di ogni squadra ti vogliam regina
O Fiorentina, combatti ovunque ardita e con valor
nell'ora di sconforto o di vittoria
ricorda che del calcio hai tu la storia!

Maglia viola lotta con vigore
per esser di Firenze vanto e gloria
sul tuo vessillo scrivi Forza e Cuore
e nostra sarà sempre la vittoria!

Rit.: O Fiorentina (...)

Forza Fiorentina!
Alé Alé Viola!


TrentToffee said...

Now that they've come this far they might as well go on and win it. And I sincerely hope that they do. But, even more so, I'm rooting for Fiorentina in the league. I really want them to secure that 4th spot and bag a CL play-off place. Especially at Milan's expense. The CL needs some fresh faces to make it interesting.

ginkers said...

It would be great to manage both tasks. In the end, I would trade winning a trophy for qualifying for the CL. But, I am greedy, I would like to achieve the two targets!

martinobhoy said...

Any chance you could print the words so I can sing along on Thursday :o)

ginkers said...

No sooner said than done!

BRN SCOZIA said...

i had the pleasure of being with the Viola at Ipox last week and am still in shock at the penalty loss!
I do agree with the toffee that the CL needs some fresh faces to make it interesting but that would only be the case if they are good and able to compete and I doubt if the Viola could?
Of course I am totally biased a s a Milan fan!

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