Friday, April 18, 2008

Countdown to Apocalypse

I have been building myself up into a bit of a state about one particular game recently. The UEFA Cup semi-final, of course. Fiorentina against Rangers.

It is a re-run of the Cup Winners Cup final of about 47 years ago - which my dad was lucky enough to attend (depends on your definition of luck). The Viola won that one and here is hoping that they can repeat it this time.

I have just read an interesting interview with Celtic misfit Massimo Donati giving his view of what Fiorentina can expect. He says expect the Rangers to play an ultra-cautious 4-5-1 formation and try to hit on the break. How times have changed!

I believe the boys in purple have the technique and ability to grab at least one goal at Ibrox. That would make the return job in Florence a lot easier. I hope they can reach the final and meet old Luca Toni and Bayern Munich there. What a pleasure that would be...


Brian said...

Ginx, I'm sure I will not be the last one to say this but the Bhoy are all behind you! Take the game to them, score first and then keep taking the game to them... My only regret is that beautiful city of yours will have to put up with an invasion of those lot, let's hope it's all over by the second tie

martinobhoy said...

You might not get a better chance. Ferguson and Thompson suspended and McCulloch and McGregor possibly out through injury (although we all know how surprisingly quickly Rangers players can recover from injury).

Dont go for a 0-0 because that will suit them down to the ground. Go there to score and if you score first the tie is there for the taking.

See you in Manchester!

ginkers said...

Brian and Martino

Your words of encouragement were expected but most welcome! I don't think there is any chance of the Viola coming to defend at Ibrox - the team is not set up that way.

On what I saw on Sunday, my hopes can only be high. Please, please, please!