Saturday, March 08, 2008

We're not dead yet...

Maybe Serie A is not in such a disastrous state as we thought. Roma have won through, Fiorentina beat Everton and, who knows, if Inter could pull off a miracle the European scene would not looks so bleak.

There were also a few wake-up calls for England after their Champions League dominance. Spurs and Everton beaten in Europe and Bolton on a scoring draw at home. Yes, the top four are strong but maybe the strength in depth is not quite at the level it first appeared. Still, the Viola have to finish the job on Wednesday at Goodison.

So a big week lies in store. I hope for at the very least a show of pride by Inter. They were unlucky to play so much of the game at Anfield with ten men. Now they have got to show some guts and at least put up a fight. Otherwise, may the wheels fall off completely and let someone else win Serie A!

As for the boys in purple, they were impeccable on Thursday. Don't know how much was down to Everton playing badly and how much to Viola playing well. Pasqual looked like a world-beater while Carsley, Yobo, Lescott and others looked cumbersome in comparison. No doubt it will be a different tempo on Wednesday but I would hope the Fiorentini can find a goal - that would surely make it too much for Everton to do.


Aussie Romanista said...

Well said GR: "may the wheels fall off completely". That's the spirit!

I loved Montolivo's volley v Everton.

Interesting article you wrote on Channel 4 Football Italia (I don't think much of the subject matter but I like your articles). The gifted first scudetto made me chuckle.

TrentToffee said...

I think you're home and dry old chap. Credit to Fiorentina, they were mighty impressive, escpecially Montolivo & Pasqual. Thank heavens Tim Howard had a decent game. Carsley wouldn't have played had Arteta been fit, and we missed him. Everton need an early goal and a good match from Arteta to make a game of it. Still my money is on Fiorentina to finish the job.

martinobhoy said...

Also at this stage of the season the UEFA Cup can become a distraction for some teams. Everton, I'm sure, must have one eye on that 4th place in the Premiership.

What about yourself Ginkers as a Viola man. Would you take a UEFA Cup Final appearance if it meant missing out on next season's Champions League?

Anonymous said...
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ginkers said...


I have to cover all Italian football - even Inter and Juve!


Tonight is decision night. All the worst to your boys!


An interesting poser. Financially, I should say no but emotionally I would take a major European final after the best part of 20 years every time. So UEFA Cup it is!