Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bitter night for Inter

I know they are not many people's favourites but you still had to feel a bit sorry for Inter on Tuesday night. Not for going out of the Champs League, but the manner in which it happened. Playing the majority of their two legs against Liverpool with 10 men gave them a mountain to climb - and they are not THAT good to be able to climb it.

The decisions which put the Nerazzurri in difficulty were dreadful. Both in Liverpool and in Milan. If it had happened in reverse we would no doubt have been hearing all sorts of claims of corruption of officials.

What is annoying is that the top team in Serie A went out without being able to give a fair account of themselves. They might have gone out anyway but it would have been nice for Liverpool to have to beat them 11 against 11. Such is life.

Tonight it is Fiorentina's turn. There is a job to be finished at Goodison and I hope they are professional enough to do it. I haven't enjoyed Mr Moyes' attempts to ape Sir Alex and call for a "strong referee" and all that. He is surely better than that. Still, may the best team in purple win.


Juventino said...


patcook said...

They did get done by the referee's. Still if it wasn't for two late goals at anfield Inter probably could have got a result at home.

Perhaps we should indict the British media for having undue influence over referee's in Europe.

Nice to see Fiorentina scrape through, only one English team left in the UEFA Cup, is this the end of English football?

Aussie Romanista said...

"if it wasn't for two late goals at anfield Inter probably could have got a result at home"

May as well say that if it wasn't for Liverpool scoring 3 goals, Inter might have nicked 1 and won the tie. So so close.

Out fair and square... and what's more.... f**k em! They're a farce.