Monday, January 15, 2007

Why I love Serie A

I always knew he was a crackpot but just the same, it is fine to see Livorno President Aldo Spinelli in top form. Not content with firing his Coach Daniele Arrigoni after the 5-1 defeat by Atalanta, he has now got it in for his best players too. Check out his bile for goalkeeper Marco Amelia who spoke up in the manager's defence.

"Amelia loves the sound of his own voice - like all Romans," he ranted. "I hope we can sell him as soon as possible.

"As for Lucarelli, he is our captain, but if the team wanted to save their manager they should have played better."

I can remember Spinelli from his Genoa days and he seems to be getting more barmy with age. In recent times, of course, he effectively pushed Roberto Donadoni out the door when Livorno were flying high. Earlier this season he "dissed" the UEFA Cup by saying it was a pain and hoped his team was out of it soon.

It is this kind of oddball activity which makes Serie A such a loveable spectacle. Even in a predictable season like this (see below) you still have the likes of Spinelli, Cellino and Zamparini to liven things up every so often.

Stop press: Incredibly, player power appears to have worked and Arrigoni retained his post thanks to pressure from Lucarelli. Truly amazing!


martinobhoy said...

From what I saw Livorno tried their best to get knocked out of the UEFA Cup but still managed to qualify from their group.

ginkers said...

Zut alors, they even lost to Paul Le Guen!

Martha said...

See, Ginkers, this is why we need Mourinho, too. Imagine his calculated crazy in an environment already infused with madness -- the spectacle would be breathtaking!

patcook said...
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patcook said...

i love this stuff too. The only team i vaguely follow other than milan is whoever harry redknapp is managing because his good for a laugh once every month or two when his on a bad spell. I not against professionalism but it’s unfortunate that these characters seem rare in a lot of top clubs and leagues

TrentToffee said...

Serie 'A' does have more than it's fair share of club owners and presidents who are completely bonkers. They add great value and entertainment to the league. Claudio Ranieri was probably the closest thing that the EPL has seen (when he did interviews in Italian, and would deliberately contradict himself). Serie 'A' can also teach other leagues a thing or to about how to do bungs/bribes properly. None of the money disappearing into offshore accounts, etc. No, in Italy a suitcase stuffed full of money changes hands (Genoa 2005), Fantastic :oD

But, for me, Serie 'A's biggest pull is the fact that you'll see some of the finest collections of footballers put together of any league, anywhere.

ginkers said...


Mourinho would be a great addition, right enough. As long as he grows a pantomime villain moustache for the job!


You need a bit of colour in the game, otherwise it would be awfully dull.


In Scotland we have Romanov at Hearts for our laughs but nothing to compare with Italy. Glad to see you still rate the league so highly too! There's nowhere like it.

martinobhoy said...

Player power driving major decisions at clubs? Thankfully that would never happen in Scotland.

Oh wait a minute........

patcook said...

so Arrigoni has been re-instated by Spinelli. i wonder how that conversation went.

ginkers said...


The neds have taken over the asylum, as one Gers fan said to me.


I imagine the conversation went this way.

Lucarelli: We want Arrigoni back.
Spinelli: Oh yeah, you and whose army?
Lucarelli: Me and a few thousand mad Commie Ultras.
Spinelli: Oh, OK then. And tell Amelia he can stay too.

patcook said...
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patcook said...

maybe ramon calderon should try his luck and buy Parma after his rant oo those students the other day. Accused former president perez of sabotaging his efforts to bring kaka to the club and ripped a new one for a lot of madrids players saying they had no heart, over paid ect ect. Maybe Calderon and Spinelli could do press conferences together.

Spangly Princess said...

most chairmen and owners in Italy are not only barmy but interfering, and consider that they have a right to interefere. Look at Francesco Guidolin for instance. Abramovich would be regarded as really hands-off and non-interventionist in the Italian game.