Friday, January 26, 2007

Bentornato Tubby

Well, the big deal of the January window has been clinched. Milan have beefed up their attack (gettit?) with the return of Ronaldo to Serie A. We remember him, of course, from his times as part of that legendary Inter team which won nothing at all of note. The last time he was in these parts he tumbled over Iuliano's legs in THAT game sparking a million years of recrimination. So it is impossible to ignore his arrival - this time on the red and black side of the city.

Some view it as more of a media move than anything else. It has given good profile to the Rossoneri, is one in the eye for their city rivals AND secures the barrel-shaped Brazilian access to his own image rights. So everybody's happy, right. Right?

There have got to be big question marks over his fitness for the rigours of Italian football. How will he recover from a battering from Fabio Galante? Will he have the pace to outrun anyone? And will anyone else get a sandwich at the Milan buffet table?

In other news, Michel Platini becomes UEFA supremo. Good news or bad? On the one hand he has spoken some sense about football. On the other hand, he is French and an ex-Juventino. Watch out for a new law allowing the Serie B champions to play in the Champions League.


Red said...

The first thing Platini will do is strip Italy of the World Cup and give it to the French, because ZZ was hard done by, poor thing. Pwah, a pox on him.

While we were in Seville, there was a lot of talk about Ronaldo going to Betis. Since you'ge got some insider knowledge, was that ever really a possibility?

martinobhoy said...

I like Platini's idea of restricting entrants from one country to three teams in the Champions League.

I think it will make the competition more interesting and raise the value of the UEFA Cup.

patcook said...

I dont really want Ronaldo at Milan even if he gets fit and stays that way he doesn't have many years left in him.

As for Platini I like his idealism but will reducing the maximum number of teams in the Champions League really make the actual football any better?? I think it will just lower the amount of clubs that will have an influence on the result. This year Arsenal would have missed out which would have been to the clubs detriment, Osasuna would have gone to the UEFA Cup as they did anyway and Chievo would have followed the same fate. England have 4 big clubs which means one would miss out every year and similar situations would occur in Spain and Italy which means less revenus for the competition aswell as those clubs and I think the result would be that the amount of truly world class teams would drop and a few little domestic competitions in Europe would become insignificantly better.

Spangly Princess said...

call me old fashioned but dos the word "champions" have any meaning at all? I'm in favour of reducing the number of clubs from each nation in the CL, even though both my teams are likely to miss out on it quite often on that basis. and I agree with Martino about the Uefa cup too.

Pat I can't help but think your view is a bit dismissive of the "little" leagues of other countries, who in the past have played an important part in European competition. ANd sure it would be to the detriment of Arsenal and those other clubs who missed out: but so what? they don't have a divine right to be in Europe. If they want to play in the CL they should win their league.

ginkers said...


If he tries to strip us I will be the first in line to stop him. As for Seville, I think there were too many oranges there - far too healthy for Ronaldo.


You are right, less teams would give the UEFA a boost as would stopping this "drop down" team nonsense.


It looks like you are stuck with Ronaldo whether you want him or not. I loved Ancelotti's press conference saying that the Brazilian was not fat, just "robust".


I am a long-term backer of the old idea of the Champions League, ie, that you have to win your own league before you are crowned Euro champs. Probably no going back to that, but still, any moves in that direction should be welcomed.

Venezian said...

Platini is a a terrible appointment from an Italian perspective - the man has made so many anti-Italian comments in the last few years! Add that to the fact that he is basically Blatter's protege and yes man, and I think it could be dark times ahead for those off an azzurri persuasion.

As for his proposals bout the Champions League - yes, I suppose fewer teams from each country would be fairer, but I think it's a name change the competition needs rather than a change in the system. Take out the word "Champions" - then you leave what is still the best club cup competition in the world.

I know it might be fairer to let the champions of liechtenstein in or whatever, but do you honestly believe that will improve the competition? Like it or not, the little teams rarely add anything to these competitions, maybe springing a surprise here and there, but it would lower the quality of the football on offer considerably.