Friday, November 17, 2006

Grande Capitano!

It might seem all I do is moan and groan here about the lack of recognition for Italian football. So, it is only fair to spend a few words in tribute to Fabio Cannavaro winning the Pallone d'Oro.

I don't think anybody who watched the World Cup could deny he was our most influential player (close-run thing with Buffon). His timing was amazing, his leap for such a small guy and his sheer guts and determination so typical of the team. I think his defining moment was when he won the ball and drove forward for the second goal against Germany in the semi-final.

Here's hoping he can get out of Madrid soon, come home to Napoli and Serie A and end his career in style. Grazie Capitano!


Spangly Princess said...

absolutely, and a bit of the recognition we are more than due at last instead of everyone banging on about how we didn't deserve to win. bravo Fabio.

martinobhoy said...

Well said. In my opinion (for what it is worth) he was by far the player of the tournament.

As captain he would also have had to deal with a lot of players uncertain about their futures in the summer so he deserves enormous credit for that as well.