Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Franchi, my dear...

The time fast approaches when I make my annual voyage to old Firenze to watch the boys in purple give me heart failure. After twice taking in the Fiorentina-Milan game (one win, one defeat) it is time to face up to Lazio. It is the battle of two of the teams penalised at the start of the season, although the Laziali got off a lot more lightly than us.

Much of the day will be spent in nervous anticipation. A meal nearby and then into the ground far too early. Three points would be a great tonic, my overall record at the Franchi is not too bad, especially given I generally pick one of the tougher opponents. I've seen more wins than losses which is a pretty decent return for a club that has given its fans as much heartache as the Viola.

Still, I fear Lazio's form is better than ours and if they can sneak in front that wee Rocchi man can hurt us on the break. On the other hand, in front of the Fiesole many a better team than Delio Rossi's side has been defeated. Here's hoping - I'll say 3-1 with goals from Toni, Montolivo and lucky mascot Jorgensen.


a.c.t said...

Replica Louis Vuiton handbag - no thanks.

I'm looking forward to my annual trip to Milan in the new year sometime but not so much the trip to the San Siro. Believe it or not, I've never seen i rosssoneri lose there, but I guess there's a first time for everything..

Spangly Princess said...

forza viola and beat those bastards for us please, so they come into the derby on a low! er, I mean, I sportingly wish everyone all the best and that.

enjoy your trip!

martinobhoy said...

Give my boy Jorgensen a cheer from me and tell him I'll try to get over in April to see the Viola.

ginkers said...


Maybe I should put in that word verification thing to stop salesmen popping by. Although maybe it gives the authentic feel of Italy since there is no major city you visit without being offered a Vouis Luiton bag or some such dodgy gear.

And its not that surprising you have never seen Milan lose at the San Siro!

Your spangliness

As always we will endeavour to cuff the Laziali. Although, with a team like Fiorentina nothing is ever guaranteed.


It will be a pleasure to salute your namesake. I will raise a grappa to you for every goal he scores!

Anonymous said...
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Spangly Princess said...

Bravi! not the best of performances, from the highlights, though your 'keeper had a stormer. Still you get the same number of points for a slightly shonky 1-0 as for a catania-esque tonking, at the end of the day etc etc

meanwhile our so-charming country cousins set fire to a ploice car and attacked a solitary old tifoso viola on his way to the game. Nice.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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