Sunday, October 08, 2006


OK, so it wasn't vintage by any standards but it was still good to get the ball rolling with three points against the Ukraine. And what a strike from Toni, quite similar to the one he belted in for the Viola a week earlier. Didn't understand the use of Del P (I feel his day is done at Nazionale level) or Iaquinta (I feel his day should never have come at Nazionale level). Still, it put me in a better frame of mind for Georgia.

Cracking result for Scotland but not sure whether it was good or bad for overall Italian qualification. The bottom line, however, is always to focus on your own results. Another win on Wednesday night and we would be right back in the hunt for a top two spot. Anything less than a win, however, would undo the positive feelings I have right now.

I have to confess here and now that my vision of the Ukraine game was severely impaired by my own stupidity. I forgot that my wife had invited friends round for whom I cooked a lovely meal (stuffed peppers followed by linguine with king prawns). However, it meant my overall game view was very limited. And I may have done even worse for Wednesday having booked to go away on holiday with the family. Chances of holiday park showing Georgia v Italy over Croatia v England or Ukraine v Scotland? Less than nil. I will be with the boys in spirit and regularly checking on ceefax, WAP or with my cousins...


a.c.t said...

Sorry to hear you had your view obscured - if you carry on cooking nice food like that, you never know, your wife might let you eat in front of the telly :-P.
Good to see the boys back on form. Hopefully our confidence will be up now and give us a good chance of qualifying.

martinobhoy said...

And can we have an apology from the Venezian after his quip on the last post that by the time both teams meet in March, Italy would be on 7 points to Scotland's 6.

Forza Scozia!

Spangly Princess said...

hush now martino. tsk.

I couldn't agree more about Alex and Iaquinta. Please see sense now, Donadoni. and wtf was our Danielino doing wearing the no.10 shirt?