Monday, October 30, 2006

Blatter must go ... and faith in calcio restored

Even in the great anti-Italian world of Sepp Blatter he has hit new depths. The FIFA chief has apparently apologised to Australian fans for their country's elimination at the World Cup. He says the penalty on Grosso was a refereeing mistake (fair enough, though softer have been given) and that the Socceroos would probably have gone through in extra time (very debatable and conveniently ignoring the fact that Materazzi hardly deserved his straight red).


Apparently FIFA have now issued a statement saying he has been misreported but, let's face it, it is hardly out of character. I don't remember any apology to Spain and Italy after the crazy decisions in 2002.

On a happier note, I watched two cracking adverts for the Italian game at the weekend. The Milan derby was an absolutely gripping spectacle - not just for the seven goals but for the sheer drama. Then I watched my beloved Viola go down 3-2 in another memorable match at home to Palermo. We scarcely deserved to be held to a draw, never mind lose. Still, pazienza, we are playing well. Great game. Maybe it's going to be a good Serie A season after all...

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George Nscimben said...

Australians do not complain about the offside goal by Harry K against Croatia which helped them get to the position of playing Italy.
The beautiful way Italy plays is not properly appreciated.