Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Grazie Paul Newman!

So, Marcello is gone. It really shouldn't surprise anyone because how could he cap what has been a glorious couple of years? A record of just two defeats in 29 games (one of them a friendly) is completely unprecedented. The only way was down with a number of our elder statesmen likely to step down.

It's a shame that external matters seem to have played a part once again. Criticism of his managerial qualities (he could only succeed at Juve and that kind of thing) as well as the allegations against his agent son put him under unfair pressure. One thing is for sure, he goes straight into the hall of all-time greats.

I always liked his straight-talking, ballsy attitude in interviews. He was willing to disagree strongly with pundits, show a sense of humour and try to ignore their attempts to stir up scandal. He brought together a team which, let's be honest, few thought could actually win the World Cup and took off the ultimate prize. For that reason alone he stands among the greats.

Addio, Marcello. Enjoy all the cigars you like and a great summer in Viareggio. You deserve your place beside Bearzot and Pozzo...


a.c.t said...

He hasn't said why he's left, but apparently he wants to carry on coaching. What do you reckon to the alternatives? Donadoni, Zaccheroni and Gentile don't fill me with too much hope, perhaps Gianluca Vialli? Hmm maybe not.

martinobhoy said...

And if he's ever in Onesti's in Barga I'll buy him a drink.

I think thanks to the timespan of World Cups 4 years is the natural lifespan for a national coach. Lippi can go now as a legend. Unless he won it again he would go with a slightly tainted record.

Anyhoo ya scemo some of us thought that this side would win the World Cup. £90 (£10 at 8-1) collected from Ladbrokes on Leith Walk on Monday afternoon, thank you very much.

ginkers said...

You have more faith and more money than me Martino!

As for a replacement, I think Donadoni might be the best of the three as Gentile is too much of a backward step while Zac has been found wanting a bit too often.

Might be a good idea to await the outcome of the Calciopoli trial anyway. You never know people like Ancelotti and Prandelli might not fancy managing in Serie B!

obverse said...

I read today (in the Scottish press) that the verdict of the tribunal has been delayed for a few days. The Italian Justice minister has called for a verdict that "takes into account the victory in Berlin" - whatever the hell that means. Less surprisingly Berlusconi also calls for leniency - on the basis that relegation would only punish the innocent fans! (he's all heart) You're the man in the know Ginkers - on the back of the national euphoria is some kind of whitewash really on the cards?

Spangly Princess said...

well, given the scandal and the calls for him to stand down before the tournament, he'd already said thathe was going to go. looks like Donadoni is the most likely candidate accoridn to this evenings' tg.

not sure what's happening with piedi puliti but certainly calls for an amnesty are growing - on the one hand - whilst as one of the FIGC bigwigs pointed out, lessening the penalties after victory implies that had they lost the penalties should have been stiffer, and is clearly a load of auld bollocks.

BUT emotionally it seems wrong to 'punish' Cannavaro et al - and I say that as someone who longs to see Juve in C where they belong. SO I'd be happy to make space for Napoli's latest saint alongside Mexes next season.

* (asterisk) said...

Shame he couldn't or wouldn't stick around another two years, but he's done a good job by the looks of it. Didn't he win the World Cup or something recently...?