Friday, June 30, 2006

Nerves jingling once more

Is there ever a game you can look forward to as an Italy fan? On paper the Ukraine are about the most straightforward opposition in the quarter finals possible. In reality, we all know, it will never be easy. Wouldn't it be great to be three goals to the good by halftime? Dream on.

The toughest job is for Andrea Barzagli to slot in at the centre of the defence, especially with Sheva in the opposition. Still, hopefully Cannavaro - my man of the tournament so far - can give the boy some guidance.

It would certainly be nice to play 11 against 11 too. The worry of supensions is great with Gattuso, Zambrotta and Grosso all on yellow cards. Still, the first thing is to get the win and then bring on Argentina or Germany. I'm getting SO nervous and also SO sick of hearing how lucky we have been. A convincing win would be a truly wonderful thing. But I'll settle for 1-0 with a goal off Inzaghi's ass...


martinobhoy said...

Totti to put on a masterclass and Toni to get his first goals of the tournament.

Bring it on!!!!!!!

martinobhoy said...

I am a genius!

Spangly Princess said...

WOOOO. still overexcited and a bit hoarse from last night. and indeed, martino, can we have a similar prediction for the germany game?

dead chuffed that big Toni has finally got it together (though I'd like to point out the importance of Totti's great cross as well, in a totally non-partisan fashion...)

Barzagli did ok, given the circumstances, though we needed Gigi at his best. And Zambrotta's supergoal so early helped (partially) settle some of my nerves.

martinobhoy said...

No more predictions from me. I dont want to jinx the ragazzi now. However looking at what is left in the tournament I am feeling a bit more confident.