Friday, June 09, 2006

Keep an ear out

The World Cup kicks off in half an hour with Germany taking on Costa Rica. Amazing to think how no German players now play in Serie A when 20 years ago they were seen as a guarantee of quality. Big Jurgy Klinsmann will be the only tenuous connection with Italy really.

And talking of tenuous connections we always like to give a prize out for the most ridiculous mention of England in connection to a game where they are not playing. Examples of the kind of thing we are looking for are "He's the Ecuadorian Wayne Rooney, you know", "Germany, of course, still haunted by THAT final 40 years ago" and "Zurawski plays in Scotland which, as we all know, is just across the border from England".

I look forward to reading your submissions. Forza Azzurri!


martinobhoy said...

Hold on, didn't someone e-mail you with this idea this afternoon? ;o)

The other one I like to look out for is how quickly can England/The Premiership get mentioned after kick-off.

Germany Costa Rica about to kick off. Let's see.

Spangly Princess said...

I can play the Italian version for you, if you like. Seeing as the commentators here are just as bad.

martinobhoy said...

Three favourites so far

Poland v Ecuador - "This stadium could host the England quarter final match."

Argentina v Ivory Coast - "Just how good is this young Ivorian? Is he Premiership material?"

Netherlands v Serbia & Montenegro - "The Netherlands are one of the teams England could meet in the quarter finals."

a.c.t said...

Did you watch the documentary about Italy tonight? I wish we still had Paolo Rossi...

Spangly Princess said...

"of course most of the real stars of tonight's argentina team play here in serie A"

ginkers said...

"Argentina have their own 20 years of hurt - they don't know the half of it!"


Watched the doc and I still got a thrill watching Tardelli's shot hit the net. I'd rather have Gentile and Scirea back as I've more worries about the defence than the attack!


As you know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, to be sure.

martinobhoy said...


One more that Ged ("working from home") picked up from the Australia v Nakamura inspired Japan and it's a cracker.

"The last time Australia were in the World Cup they had a player called Jack Rooney. No relation."