Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Spalletti spurned

Just spotted that Roma have parted company with Luciano Spalletti after two defeats in the opening two games of the Serie A season. I have to say I am disappointed. The man surely deserved a bit more time to turn things around.

His first loss at Genoa was a ding-dong clash that could easily have gone right for the Giallorossi. In his second game, he lost to a powerful Juve side. It maybe did not help his position that Lazio currently sit top but, just the same, he had earned a little more respect.

The fact that he looks set to be replaced by Claudio Ranieri is even more surprising. Vabbene, he is Romano de Roma, but everybody knows his record. Nice guy, good interviews but not a prolific trophy winner. It seems like a backward step.

There are deeper troubles at the Olimpico, I feel. The financial struggles and boardroom politics are doing nothing to help a team which still has the potential for a top four finish. Sacking Spalletti, a baldy man with a typically Tuscan sense of humour, was not the way forward.


Milanista said...

Couldn't agree more. Spalletti really deserves more respect and a second chance would have been the right way to repay him after sll he ha done.

Not convinced about bringing in Ranieri either. Oh well, guess Milan aren't the only one with troubles. Who ever captures spalletti next will be lucky

ginkers said...

I'll be interested to see where he ends up. Innovative manager and one of the most promising of our latest crop.