Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Bird's Nest date for Supercoppa

Our first taste of all-Italian action for the season takes place on Saturday - in a Bird's Nest. Inter take on Lazio for the Supercoppa in the Chinese stadium of the same name. It will give an initial health check on the two teams.

Both sides have been transformed a fair bit in the summer. The Nerazzurri begin the post-Ibra era and all their new big names are expected to take part. So, worth tuning in for a glimpse of Lucio, Thiago Motta, Samuel Eto'o and Diego Milito getting their first competitive outing in blue and black.

For Lazio, it is more about their Coach. Davide Ballardini replaces old "Squinty Tie" himself, Delio Rossi - whose reward for winning the Coppa Italia was to be shown the door by the Biancocelesti. It has always been thus in Italy.

The Roman outfit have also just signed former Inter hitman Julio Cruz. Be very interesting to see if he plays. The "Law of the Ex" as they call it in Italy would dictate that he should be among the goals if he does meet his former employers.


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