Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Breathing space

Time for a calcio breather after the Confederations Cup and Under 21 Euro Championships. Much more bitterly disappointed about the latter than the former. We never looked all that enthusiastic for events in South Africa but the young boys were desperately hard done by.

What made it all the tougher to take, for me, was that Germany destroyed England in the final. We were so superior to the Germans in our clash that it was breathtaking. But the harsh rules of football state you have to stick the ball in the net. A lesson worth learning.

However, at least there is hope for the years to come. Judicious use of these young stars in the full international team should bear fruit. And who knows what judgements Serie A will bring in the year ahead?


patcook said...

plenty of positives even if the result wasnt what we wanted.

Surely a couple of the azzurrini impressed enough that with a good season for their clubs this year and they'll be going to South Africa next summer.

I'm still not entirely sure how Italy didn't score more goals.

ginkers said...

Got to be optimistic about the future - as long as our Coaches start to get a bit more adventurous.