Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Who signed Roger Rabbit?

Everyone is agreed, Milan needed to make some moves this summer. Their team looked jaded and struggled to compete last year. But, what on earth possessed them to splash out on the over-necklaced Ronaldinho?

I may be proved wrong, he may become a Rossonero legend - but I doubt it. Surely his day is done.

The only redeeming feature of the move is at least it shows Milan remain more appealing than Manchester City. It really would have been one in the eye for Serie A if he had snubbed the multi-Champions League winners for the City of Manchester stadium.

Reading between the lines this seems more like a media move than one designed to boost the team. Of course, at his best, he would be a quality addition. But even at his worst, he will shift a lot of season tickets and merchandise. It seems to have been done more to appease the fans than with any real vision of beefing up the Milan side.

Maybe I've just spent too long listening to people bore me about how great he was when he played for Barcelona. We'll see if he gets the same rave reviews now he has crossed the great divide from La Liga to Serie A.


lotto winners said...
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that's way too cool.

TrentToffee said...

I entirely agree old chap. What a complete waste of money. This signing can only be for commercial reasons. They've got a talented lad on the bench - Gourcuff - who should be ahead in the pecking order. He adds little and does nothing for the age profile of the team. Is he a worker ? Well he eats like one, I suppose.

He has/had a lovely range of tricks, and a naff collection of necklaces. And that's it.

Venezian said...

I think you are being ridiculously negative here, Ginkers. I know he's a buck-toothed Brazilian who had too many plaudits thrown his way in the past, but putting aside prejudices, he was a fantastic footballer - and still is. The man is only 28, and has had one bad season (which wasn't even that bad if you looks at the stats).

Milan are a club that can rekindle stars gone awry, and I'm sure they will succeed here as well. I think it's a good move for them and Serie A - although I would have thought their priority should probably be a central defender and a goalkeeper...but I look forward to seeing him back to his best for Milan.

patcook said...

I personally think he'll make a good replacement for Seedorf who still has talent but not enough consistency or stamina to make it throught a whole season any more.

TT, he does a bit for the age profile of the team. At 28 he is younger than Seedorf, Gattuso, Pirlo, Ambrosini, Emerson and Brocchi. The only midfielders younger than him are Gourcuff, Kaka, Flamini, Antonini and Abate.
Though I do concede that R10 is a short term solution rather than a long term one.

Milan scored the fourth most amount of goals in Serie A last season, just 6 behind Roma and Juve who scored the most. And they only conceded 38 only Roma and Juve(37) and Inter (26) conceded less. I think the poor form at home till around February and a lack of depth is what stopped them last season.

It was a horrible season for Milan but I think they've done enough to the squad to get back in the top 4. I think they may even lift a trophy if they don't suffer too many injuries.

TrentToffee said...

Ahem...I hadn't realised that he was quite so young. Shows you what I know. At 28 he should be in his prime - physically at least. Perhaps the new club/league/language thing will rekindle his desire and form.

ginkers said...


I was just so hoping that Milan would go out and bring in some up and coming talent rather than going for somebody so tried and tested.

Having said that, it would be great for the club if they could get him back to anything like his best...

patcook said...

Ginkers, I agree that it would be nice to see them get some hotshot youngster but these days they cost just as much as they paid for Ronaldinho.

Ronnie will cost them a bit over 20 million depending on performance bonuses. Pato only cost slightly less and Man U spent similar amounts on Nani and Anderson. Arsenal are about to splash out about that on Samir Nasri.

I guess the thinking is why gamble that much when they really needed some to who could have an immediate impact and get them back into CL and trophy contention this season.

Unlike Arsenal, Milan can't afford to spend a decade "rebuilding"

Juventino said...

The title of the next blog entry:

Who's selling the most popular gypsy in Italy?

In contrast with those poor girls who drowned and were laid out on the beach while nobody nearby cared, I think there will be a fair bit of mourning in Firenze if Mutu is sold. And signing Pandev, Rosina or Di Natale would be reason to mourn even more. None of those players play with as much fantasy as Mutu has in his left pinky toe.

I can't imagine why Fiorentina would do such a thing, unless the club has no ambition. Mutu is the type of player who plys for himself more than anything, but he fits into the team so well there. They'll be out of the Champions League in the first round without him.

Say it ain't so, ginkers!

ginkers said...

I have seen mixed reports on Mutu. He seems to be playing it a bit "cute" to try to get more money. Certainly, he would be a huge loss but - after seeing Baggio, Batistuta and Toni leave - it wouldn't hurt as much as it did in the past.

Forza Gila e il Pazzo!