Monday, July 23, 2007

Baffled by Bobo

As a lifelong Viola man I must admit I am surprised to see them sign Bobo Vieri. In some ways, of course, it makes sense. They needed somebody with a confirmed Serie A reputation to replace the loss of Luca Toni but, just the same, aren't the big man's best days behind him?

Of course, he is not THAT old and - back to his best - he would be a real asset. However, it seemed like his mind was more concentrated on fashion business and nightclubs or the like. It is also a bit of a slap in the face for Pazzini. Still, you have got to have faith in what Prandelli has done so far.

Very much looking forward to the new season with Napoli, Genoa and Juve back in harness. Going to be much tougher to get a top four finish for everyone this term. And even Inter might lose a couple of games...


Martha said...

I don't see it as a slap in the face to Pazzini -- how's the guy going to play in every game: Serie A, UEFA Cup, TIM Cup? My understanding is that Vieri is being brought on as support and knows it; he'll be a backup in league games and will see more time in the UEFA Cup (one of the reasons he signed with the Viola is because he wanted to play in Europe). I love Bobo so I'm always going to be optimistic but, best case scenario, this could be a big boost.

BRN SCOZIA said...

I saw him play for Atalanta v Roma towards the tail end of last season.He looked so very slow and laboured but he is a BIG lad and was hardly fit at the time.
As you say though it should be a crackin Serie A next season with three of our(Milans) best friends in Italy being promoted!They will certainly add a little spice to the league if not that much quality.
Yes Millport is the new Tuscany!

Venezian said...

I agree with Martha - I think he will be a good addition to the squad and will hopefully teach Pazzini a few things (and not just about clubbing and how to pick up women!)

In other transfer news I see my old hero Recoba is going to Qatar to finish his career...don't do it Alvaro, come back to the Lagoon where you played your best football!

Spangly Princess said...

Welcome back from your holiday! hope you had a good trip.

I think it's an odd signing, myself, based on the lumbering performances last season and that, yes, you need back up for Pazzini, but it could have come from someone more... well, frankly, more useful.

Steven Van Duyse said...

I think Vieri is doing the best deal out of all parties involved. He's gettin' a little older, he's losing his scoring skills, but still he managed to pull off a fantastic transfer. on the other hand, (there might've been some luck involved, but stil...) have you seen the magnificent goal he scored this season? and i truly believe that Bobo still can teach younger players a lot. If not football-wise, then at least drunk friday night-wise.

Thx for the link man, and it's Dutch indeed :)

ginkers said...


It's true that we certainly needed to broaden our squad. I used to be big Bobo backer but lately he has seemed more interested in his signing on fee than playing the game. Still, if he hits form he is top class.


I think there are two Vieris - the fit one and the unfit one. Hopefully we will get the former.


I know you would never say a bad word about one of your old boys! I would love to see Recoba stay in Italy or at least go somewhere where I could watch him play regularly. A real entertainer on his day!


Had a great break and back refreshed for more blogging! I guess I would have liked a more forward-thinking signing but maybe big Vieri can prove me wrong.


Always glad to give a link to someone proclaiming the glories of Serie A! Certainly Vieri's experience will come in handy.