Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mixed bag at the top table

Last night's viewing was Roma v Lyon with the Giallorossi more than holding their own against one of the most-touted teams in the Champions League. The visitors started well but Totti and company gradually came onto a game and had their chances. Once again, the lack of a quality striker was there for all to see.

Still, they showed a lot of fight and might just manage to sneak through if they can score first in Lyon. The trouble is, in a quiet game, they picked up EIGHT yellow cards making the squad prospects for progress a little shaky. First job, however, to seal a dramatic qualification.

Inter were undone by two wonderful strikes from Valencia being held to a 2-2 draw at home. The Nerazzurri did have the initiative for a fair bit of the time so I wouldn't give up hope on them yet. Nonetheless, it will take a great performance to qualify for the quarter finals.

Sadly, the English teams did rather well with Chelsea getting an away score draw and Liverpool doing even better. What a twit the Barcelona goalie looked...


TrentToffee said...

Aye, Roma have done half of the job by not conceeding the away goal. I wonder how much they miss Montella now - especially as he's knocking a few in for Fulham.

As always Inter try to do things the hard way. I don't fancy their chances much. I don't htink Spain is a happy hunting ground for them. Stop sniggering. I can hear you :oD

How typically Spanish of Barca to lose the initiative.

Venezian said...

Inter beat Valencia 5-1 in Valencia only a couple of years ago, so I don't think they'll be afraid of going to the Mestalla.

It'll be tough for them, but they are a better team that Valencia and should be able to sneak past them.

ginkers said...

True, at this stage I would settle for getting one of the two through to the last eight.

patcook said...

I think all the games are tightly poised in the champs league. Barcelona have the toughest challenge in my opinion although they are by no means out yet especially if Eto'o finds his way on to the pitch and back into form. And As for Inter surely they will rest most of their squad in the remaining two games before the second leg at the Mestalla, they are about 6 wins ahead of Roma so why risk injury?